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    Stone Head Lead Pipe Locks

    Michigan State Ringers                      56 THE Bert and THE Shirt Skirts            18 (A loss by Wisky solidifies Motor City Bowl consideration!)   Penn State’s Kerry […]

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    Scary – Scarier than Ken Macha

    Is he related to Sarah Palin’?  Pitchin’, playin’, hittin’, swingin’, managin’, chokin’, losin’…..he’s still hangin’ on to the glory days of the overrated A’s.  […]

  • Sabathia May Stay In Milwaukee

    (MTV/VH1/TRUTV) – Sabathia May Stay in Milwaukee – With The Bucks   In an unprecedented professional sports move, representatives of the Milwaukee Blewers are […]

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    Why Must He Hate?

    (DJI/NASDAQ) Melvin In, Sveum Out.  In a shocking move that surprised no one, Mark Attanasio, Grand Poo-Bah of the World Famous Milwaukee Screwers, extended […]