Spring Fever

Catchers and pitchers reported last week in Maryvale, Arizona for the Milwaukee Screwers spring training.  Guess what, no one showed up.   Neither did Bill Hall, who blew out his calf muscle watching re-runs of his mediocre performance in 2008. The loss of Hall for the first part of the season means we won’t have to look at his .225 average until sometime in June, if we’re lucky.  Unless of course, he heals quickly, then we’’ll watch him tear it up with a .185 average in April or May, which is what he hit in August of last year.

Ben Sheetz took all the drama out of another 12 win season or maybe even a trade to the Texas Rangers when he declared his mid-season injury earlier this year, and made himself unavailable for the 2009 season.  This will undoubtedly further strengthen his case for the Baseball Hall Of Fame for Injury Prone Players

Don’t look now, but world B. Krabbenhoft and company are back in the discussion for an NCAA bid, this after their fourth straight win in the always comical Big Eleven basketball conference. Thousands of Motley Crue fans were late for their band’s concert Saturday night when they mistakenly showed up at the Kohl Center instead of the Coliseum, but were admitted anyway by confused ticket takers who thought “Motely Crue” meant the UW basketball team.

Hey, what happens when you lose your “top three” players in the NBA?  You win three in a row and average about 120 points a game doing it.  The Bucks hit the All-Star break at 26-29, still good enough for an incomprehensible playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.  Speaking of the FIX being in, the over and under on yesterday’s All-Star exhibition was 264.The final was 146-119.

Let it rain….it did, and local hero Matt Kenseth walked away a much richer man after winning the Daytona 380.

And did Number 4 finally throw his last pick?  Will the record books show that 310 is the all-time benchmark for chucking it to the wrong team in the NFL?

My hunch is that there are more picks left in his soon to be 40 year old arm, probably with the V-Queens.  After all, his favorite receiver, Darren Sharper, already plays there.

And For What

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