The Slack IS Back

Surprise, surprise…Doug Melvin and The Blew Notes made their September call ups yesterday on August 12th., with the Brewers “still in it”, according to Mark Attanasio, sporting a 55-58 record, 7 ½ games back of St. Louie  in the always humorous NL Comedy Central.

Gone from Screwerville:  Pitching Coach Bill Castro, an 18  year employee of the Milwaukee Brewers.  18 years, really Bill, we hardly knew ya!Billy Hall,  survived only by a pink bat and 2006 MVP trophy, and J.J. Hardy, sent down to Nashville to open for Dierks Bentley.  As a result of this mess, golf course pros inArizonaare busy scrambling to schedule tee times.  And this just in, Ken Macha reportedly doubled his monthly order of gum by the case. 

Thus the Slack is Back., officially ushering in the 2009 NFL season featuring Coach Mike, Mr. Rodgers, and the rest of the Ashwaubenon Eleven. 

So my early projection for this hapless collection of 3-4 wannabees?  5-11. 

And For What

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