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This Just In… 

Number 4 is back.  The Screwers are not.  Dial in your radio for the tantalizing four game series this weekend featuring the two worst pitching staffs in the National League; yes, it’s official, the Brewers and the Nationals.  My advice, bet the over. 

On a side note, the Brewer Insider Report was absent this morning on the local Lucas and LePay radio show.  Imagine that, Craig Coshun failed to call in after the Screwers were swept by the Mighty Pirates.  Imagine that. But think about it and give him a break, because after that debacle inPittsburgh, what was he going to talk about?  Ruben Flores? Rueben sandwiches? So what  did he do?  He did what any responsible sports reporter would do, he simply “punted”. 

Maybe that’s why the shows legendary radio hosts filled the extra time with a lively discussion of the Packers lack of punting and former Badger All-Star legs that never made it in the NFL.  Sports talk radio at its absolute finest. 

Speaking of an absolute, punt this everybody, 58-62.

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