USS Sinking Ship

Avast ye gnarly sea men!  The Mighty Pirates are comin’ to $6.75 Miller Park this weekend to rape and pillage a three game series from the awful boat load of bilge breakin’, scurvy smellin’ base-ballers led by Captain Kenny Macha of the S.S. Sinking Screwer.   

The Blewski’s better get their sea legs under ‘em or they’ll be walking the plank sooner than you can say Captain Morgan In A Bottle!  Unless The Prince Of Feedler can smoke a few taters into the Poop Deck, it looks like the Blew-Ha’s are headed for Davey Jones Locker in the always humorous NL Comedy Central.  

So gather ‘round all ye who seek to witness carnage like the Red Legs put upon the forlorn Blewers these past three days, cause you know the beatings will continue until morale improves! 



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