• The Mighty Pirates

    The Mighty Pirates sank the U.S.S. Hoffman with a two home run barrage in the ninth last night at $6.75 Miller Park, ending a […]

  • Swings and Misses

    With the Screwers clinging to a 13-2 lead, McGehee hammered a 1-0 pitch off of Some Reliever You Never Heard over the left field […]

  • Half Barrel at 2nd Base

    So after 12 games into the already forgettable 2010 campaign, it has come down to this…softball scores.  The only thing missing from yesterday’s 11-7 […]

  • Blew Notes

    In a masterful stroke of pure genius, Screwers Skipper Kenny Macha inserted Trevor Hoffman (594 career saves) in the ninth inning Sunday to protect […]

  • Hot!

    Blew Notes

    Well, it’s official, Richard Weeks has been diagnosed as “dizzy”.  That helps explain a lot, but not everything that has paralyzed your beloved Screwers […]

  • Hot!

    Hope You Enjoyed The Photo’s

    Wurst Blog 3/30/10 Title:  Wurst Days In Mesa For all you Spring Training snow birds that make the pilgrimage to the desert in Arizona […]

  • Hot!

    Wurst Spring Ever

    This just in…photos from Wurst’s trip to check out the Screwers in AZ.. F-U from the Screwers and Arizona. Maryvale lineup. Bases empty as […]