Half Barrel at 2nd Base

So after 12 games into the already forgettable 2010 campaign, it has come down to this…softball scores.  The only thing missing from yesterday’s 11-7 debacle in DC was the quarter barrel at second base.  With any other pitcher on the mound besides Doug “Walk This Way Davis”, the Screwers may have been able to at least execute the thirteen run rule, and then they would have  been able to seriously siphon the suds available at second base.  

As it turned out, not even a ten run lead is safe these days for this edition of the worst pitching staff in the majors.  Well, maybe that’s a little too strong an assessment this early in the year, however, Rick Peterson’s mess is 14th out of 16 teams in the National League with a 6.06 team era.  A slow stat or a tell tale sign, you make the call. Four of his aces tote ERA’s over ten,(Hoffman, 12.60, Hawkins 11.61, Vargas, 10.38, and our favorite, Davis, at 11.25) and were it not for the fact that Greg Zaun inexplicably hung on for dear life with the final out of the seventh inning with the score at 10-7, the Nationals might still be batting, and Brewers.com would be raving about how the team scored ten runs in an 11-10 defeat. 

The ineptitude doesn’t rest solely on the arms of pitching staff though, as evidenced by Prince Feedler’s homerless  .244 start, which features more strike outs (15) than hits (11). His three RBI project  to a grand total of 39 for the year.  Those kinds of numbers hardly translate into a 200 million dollar contract, unless, of course, you’re Scott Boras.  Corey Hart continues to stumble around left field, and we have seen way too much of Jim Edmonds already.  Zaun’s recent offensive explosion has lifted his average to a lofty .143, and  Counsell’s Grand Slam has him batting an intimidating .176.  

So when does all this nonsense go away and you get a chance to see the team “settle down” and start putting together a “stretch of good baseball”?  Probably not anytime soon, with a trip to the House of Horrors up next in Pittsburgh, and then a weekend series at Wrigley Field North with the bumblin’, stumblin’ Scrubs.  Looks like next week at this time the win one – lose two crew will be sitting at 7-11, destined for the playoffs, as long as you are a subscriber to Brewers.com. 

All together now, 1,2,3…When to the Packers start? 

And For What

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