Broom Sale

Hardware stores in south central Wisconsin announced late this afternoon a “BOGO” (buy one get one) sale on all broom models, in lieu of the impending sweep of the Cubs by the Screwers at Wrigley Field South.  Milwaukee (4-2) finished off it’s third straight victory over the Scrubs, 2-1, behind the arm of homeless John Axford, who struck out the side in the ninth.

Despite the fact that Mr. T.(Ryan Braun), Corey Hart and Jonathan LuCroy sat on the bench for various reasons (see $100 million payroll), the Blew Crew held off the Mighty Cubs (1-5) in sunny, 45 degree weather.

Zach Greinke looks to complete the sweep for the Brew-Ha’s tomorrow, it will likely be his first career no-hitter for Milwaukee.

And For What

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