Here We Go Again

One game into the regular season, and the Screwers quickly remind you of just how sobering their performance on the diamond can be versus all the talk prior to taking the field.

Take Yovani Gone-Yard-o, for instance, your Opening Day batting practice pitcher, who gave up no less than four home runs in three innings on the way to his eighth loss in nine tries against the Cardinals.

Take the vaunted offense, please, which mustered all of two runs before putting a ribbon on this pig with George Kottaras’ meaningless, pinch-hit three run homer in the bottom of the hopeless last stanza. Anyone miss Feed Bag yet?

It doesn’t matter, however, because the 46,000 faithful were happy just to stare at the brand new, one of a kind, NL Comedy Central banner hanging from the concourse. Meanwhile, St. Louis continues to abuse Milwaukee in games that seemingly matter most, like Opening Day, the NL Championship series, and probably again this afternoon.

He we go again:

Cardinals 8
Blewers 4

And For What

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