• Hot!

    Minor Serves Licker

    Mike Minor, Atanta’s little known left-handed starter, baffled the Brewers on two hits over 7 1/3 innings of work and the Bravos escaped Turner […]

  • Let The Losing Begin

    With last night’s “thrilling” 10-8 defeat at the hands of the Hotlanta Braves, the Screwwrs have embarked on their first losing streak of 2012.  […]

  • Two Point Conversion

    Dale Sveum is going to regeret this one.. Going for two when you’re up 6-0 is like offering another beer to a Brewer fan […]

  • Broom Sale

    Hardware stores in south central Wisconsin announced late this afternoon a “BOGO” (buy one get one) sale on all broom models, in lieu of […]

  • This Just In…

    For those of you wondering what this crazy blog page is all about, here’s a thumbnail explanation: If you follow the Brewers, follow this […]

  • Stress Relief

    The Screwers took advantage of a AA opponent and held off a furious ninth inning rally to hold off the Mighty Chicago Cubs last […]

  • Hot!

    Cold Beer Here

    Unfortunately it’s the official beer of Wrigley Field, Old Style, but at least it’ll be served cold tonight when the two teams with 1-2 […]

  • Hot!

    Sunny Side Up

    It ‘s all about eggs and rabbits today, bad pastel colors, big ears and fluffy bunny feet. So what does any of this Hallmark […]

  • Here We Go Again

    One game into the regular season, and the Screwers quickly remind you of just how sobering their performance on the diamond can be versus […]

  • Opening Daze

    Excitement runs at a fever pitch inside the walls of the Wurst Brewer Fan’s home at the Radio Ranch in southwestern Madison, Fitchburg, USA.  News […]