Sheep In Wolf’s Uniform

Skipper Ron of the Good Ship Roenicke can send a thank you to the schedule makers for the three game set against the Houston Astr-0-s now underway at $8 Miller Park. The 6-11 ‘Stros, soon bound for the American League, were exactly what the Screw Ha’s needed to stop the bleeding of home stand spiraling out of control. Apparently Lucy found his bottle of testosterone, and AraMISS Ramirez contibuted an actual base hit too. Mr. T is now sporting a sizzling .288 batting average and AraMISS is at .164. All that offense added up to Greinke’s 19th consecutive win at $8 Miller Park, 13-0 as a Blewer. And for what.

So El Cabello Carlos Lee takes the field again tonight with his AA teammates against Randy Wolf and his 0-2 record and sparkling 8.80 ERA. It still won’t be enough for the lowly Astro’s to overcome, and it looks like the Blewers will finally reach that magical .500 mark, just eighteen games into the 2012 campaign. Some may call it progress, others may see it for what it is, another mediocre season on the horizon. More like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

And For What

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