Stress Relief

The Screwers took advantage of a AA opponent and held off a furious ninth inning rally to hold off the Mighty Chicago Cubs last night in Chicago, 7-5.  Starlin Castro, who had reached base in his previous 43 games for the Cubs, decided instead to leave the bat on his shoulder with the bases loaded, giving the homeless John Axford his first save of the season.

With temps in the 30’s and the start time moved up an hour, fans were scarce at the outset and understandably at the end, after the Blew-Ha’s built a 7-3 lead heading into the ninth.  On the field the game was filled with the usual Brewers-Cubs follies, base running blunders (Nyger Morgan), infielding gaffs, (Gonzalez, Ramirez) and outfield escapades (Soriano, Gomez). The Blew-Ha’s managed to push not one, but two, squeeze runs across in front of the Cubbies, and that turned out to be the difference when all was said and done.  In the stands, adding insult to injury, gusty winds slapped the frozen faces of fans all night, blowing the foam off their $7.50 Old Styles.

When Ron Roenicke tried to throw the game in the ninth by calling for Manny Parra and Tim Dilliard, it was left up to the Deadwood extra, Axford, to put an end to all the nonsense. He drew all the drama that he could out of the situation, loading the bases before finally ending it all by smoking a 96 hour fastball by the frozen Castro.

There is no excuse for the Screwers not to take all four games from this hapless bunch in the Windy City. Let’s just hope the the winds are blowing in for Narveson and Gone-yard-o’s appearances in games two and three, otherwise more stress is sure to follow, and by the looks of things right now, the current state of MIlwaukee relief carries no guarantees.

And For What

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