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    2 In A Row!

    As this post went to press, the Milwaukee Brewers have strung together two consecutive victories! That’s right, two in a row! However, tonight’s stating […]

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    Baggage Claim

    Just when you thought the Brewers injury riddled season was getting ridiculous, leave it to a suitcase to claim another. Jonathan Lucroy, the hottest […]

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    Remember This Weekend

    Remember our Veterans first this Memorial Day Weekend, then remember four months from now that this was the road trip that buried the Brewers […]

  • Driver to Brewers

    Donald Driver, fresh off his topless championship performance on Dancing With Former NFL Players, has decided not to accept an offer from Chippendales, instead, […]

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    Mobile Home Night

    Is there some sort of promotion going on that I’m not aware of ar $8 Miller Park?  If you own a double wide trailer, […]

  • Lock Of The Century

    When you get finished jumping up and down and trying to order your playoff tickets just because the Blewers finally beat the Twins, 16-4, […]

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    Hosting Twinkies

    If the Scew-Ha’s were ever going to catch a break and maybe even have a shot at turning around a 16-22 season, this weekend […]

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    Bar-B-Q, Houston Style

    Is this the same team that defeated the Mets last night, 8-0?  Seriously?  Randy Wolf lasted all of 4 innings, he sits at 2-4 […]

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    25-1. No, that’s not the score of tonight’s Brewers-Mets game, although 8-0 isn’t too far off.  25-1 are the odds, according to the sportsbook […]

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    Get The Net

    Check out Don Leaser’s May addition to “Get The Net”, titled “Deep or shallow in early season?”, and also his additional article under “Tips […]