Hot! The Ax Man Leaveth


Here's to you, John

As if five blown saves weren’t enough, John Axford “saved” his best for last Monday against the Cardinals at $8 Miller Park.
With the Blewers (now the losers of 23 games after they have led in each of those contests) clinging to a 2-0 lead, out from the Kingsford Bullpen emerged Mr. Axford in the top of the ninth.
 As every Brewer fan who has followed this team this season knows, you had to be thinking that the knot in your stomach didn’t mean it was time for another beer.  No, it was time to start sweating, and when Homelss John Axford hurled his first ball one over the plate, you knew they were in trouble. 
At this stage of the game I had resigned to the comfort of my bed, unable to endure the pain that was sure to follow on FSN, and just by the tone of Uke’s radio call, you knew that the Ax-Less Man was having major problems locating a pitch, any pitch.  Soon another magnificent effort of Mike Fiers would inevitably disappear in the humid Milwaukee night,
By the time the Cardinals had pushed across the go ahead run with two strikes and two outs,  Axford was headed for the showers, leaving it up to Kameron Loe to get the last out.  Right on cue, 30,000 over-served patrons unleashed a torrent of boos and catcalls at Axford, echoing all the way through the radio speakers.  Good night, Wurst Brewer Fan.

“Altogether, that’s the most frustrating outing I’ve had all year,” Axford said. “I’ve had a few blown saves this year, but that’s definitely the most frustrating one. I couldn’t find anything — fastball, breaking ball. … I’ve been feeling good lately. Today, I just felt awful.”

He felt awful?  How about the countless Milwaukee fans that have been subjected to this routine time and time again, either via FSN, The Milwaukee Brewer radio network, or in person at $8 Miller Park.

Talk about all the potential playoff scenarios, to trade or nor to trade Greinke, the loss of Joey Votto, but all that blather means nothing because these clowns are stuck on going nowhere.  Finishing at .500 will be as monumnetal a struggle as say, Rickie Weeks finishing at .200.

Bring on K-Rod in the “closing” role.  It is time for the Ax Man to Leaveth.

And For What


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