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Punt This
By Kevin Pachucki

The Green Bay punting team almost outgained the offense in Thursday’s game against the Cleveland Browns. I’m not kidding. Tim Masthay kicked the ball for 210 yards on four punts, while the Packer offense mustered just 228 total yards. Is Green Bay’s punter really that good, or is the offense really that bad?

In the immortal words of the website owner and Vegas compatriot, Pat Heffling, “We’re going to need a new punter pretty soon.” 52.5 yards per punt…when the Packer special teams got one off.

The green-and-gold offense also committed four turnovers in the debacle.

Now, before we get a little too down on the Packer offense, the Browns finished 5th in scoring defense last year, and 13th in turnover differential with a cumulative +1. So, to say the least, the Brown’s defense is stingy and opportunistic, much like the Packer’s D was in 2010. The fact that Green Bay only put up 10 points in the 35-10 loss wasn’t that bad.

On the other side of the ball, the defense stunk. They spent 36 minutes on the field and #1 draft pick Nick Perry produced only one solo tackle in that span. Leading tackler: Jarrett Bush, with 7 total. As one previous post detailed, I think I’d rather have Reggie Bush, George Bush, or even Dale Jarrett at corner. Notice how many snaps the kid got, too…the current coaching staff knows Bush needs more reps before the regular season!

There was no quarterback pressure, either…the Green Bay D had 0 sacks and 0 interceptions on rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden, who had 20 pass attempts in the loss at Lambeau. Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace added ten more attempts in their time in the game…marquis names to say the very least.

Here’s the one mulligan I’ll give the Packers: as the former head coach of the lowly Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland offensive coordinator Brad Childress likely has a solid understanding of the Dom Capers 3-4 zone-blitz scheme. Perhaps his acumen (dare I say) was an edge the Browns had in this game.

With that said, dismiss this all you want in the way that you want. “[Defensive Coordinator] Dom Capers is dumb like a fox…not tipping his hand in exhibition…” or, “It’s just the preseason…” or, “They’ll work the bugs out…”

I hope it all works out the way true Packer fans want it to, because the Packers should represent the NFC North in the Playoffs in 2013. But, if they continue to make teams like the Browns look like the Patriots, the finger pointing is going to start and the Packer season is going to end…quickly.

One more thing…totally unrelated…is it just me, or does Aaron Rodgers’ delivery and release look different this year?

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  1. I think Aaron’s delivery got screwed up when he did those Brewer’s pitching commercials! : )

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