3rd and Long, Wisconsin

The Badgers could use Anthony Davis, or Ron Dayne for that matter, tonight against Utah State.

The Badger football team, 14 point favorites against Mighty Utah State, better get their act together soon or the visions of another Rose Bowl trip will be nothing more than a pipe dream come January 2013.

Replacing your offensive line coach after two forgettable performances against the likes of Northern Iowa and Oregon State may be a step in the right direction, but how many quick fixes are there for five guys not on the same page?

At the beginning of the season some publications had this outfit ranked as high as 6th in the preseason polls, figuring a stable of all conference running backs would be enough on offense to post the necessary wins in a beleagured Big Ten Conference to justify another trip to Pasadena.

Lo and behold, there are no holes to run through for all these stellar running backs, led by former Heismann candidate, Montee (pronounced “no gain”) Ball. The new QB, Danny O’Brien, is nowhere near the likes of Russell Wilson with no receivers to throw to, and he’s backed by a defense that keeps falling asleep at all the wrong times.

Lest you think the likes of Utah State and UTEP will be just the medicine coach Bret and his six new assistants (now seven) will be all they need to get healthy, look again. Utah State has hung around with the likes of Auburn last year and took care of their intrastate rival Utah, in ovetime, last Friday.

One thing is for sure, take the 14 points Las Vegas is giving you tonight and continue to bet against the Badgers and report to the Pay Window until they show something other than the makings of a 6-6 season.

Until then, don’t be surprised when the local college kids invent a new drinking game, “3rd and long, Wisconsin”.

And For What

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