• Hot!

    Streak On!

    Just one week ago the Scewers were sitting at 2-8, andĀ as I was blogging about theirĀ inability to scratch out a single run in the […]

  • Hot!

    April’s Fools

    Far be it from me, The Master Of The Obvious, but the Screwers are horrible. Off to a dismal 2-8 start and now comfortably […]

  • Not A-OK

    Here’s today’s powerhouse lineup for Nori Aoki Bobblehead Day At $8.50 Miller Park: Aoki RF .285 Gomez CF .105 Segura SS .500 Weeks 2B […]

  • Hot!

    Opening Daze 2013

    For those of us that endured many horrible April games at the old County Stadium grounds, news that temperatures will be in the 30’s […]