Hot! $10 No Holler

Looks like the under was the cash money wager

Sitting at a tidy 46-64, 19 games out of first place in the NL Comedy Central and chasing the Cubs for the coveted escape from the basement, the Milwaukee Brewers are officially in total disarray.

Lyin’ Ryan Braun finally got busted, the starting pithing staff imploded, John Axford turned into John Axford, K-Rod came and went, and the carousel of comedy at first base continues to be a source of embarrassment for the franchise that helplessly watched when Prince Fielder waltzed away from that position.

So what is owner Mark Attanasio’s brilliant solution to appease the Screwer faithful that have witnessed this type of behavior from their beloved Brewers for most of the 43 years of the franchise’ existence? Offer the lemmings known as patrons ten bucks every time you pass through the turnstile in August and say we’re really disappointed in how all this turned out.

But here’s ten bucks, so when you sit in your $42 seat and read the lineup that goes Aoki, Segura, Gomez, Lucroy, Bianchi, Betancourt, Weeks and Hand, you won’t be so upset when your season ticket package arrives in the mail next Spring.

Sorry Mark, that won’t cut it. The only thing you have to offer for any value is the voice of Bob Uecker on the radio, and he really gets funny when he has a lot of air time to fill, and he certainly has a ton of that for material over the next 52 games.

It’s safe to say the “window of opportunity” that began when C.C. Sabathia
donned a Brewer uniform, Zach Greinke signed and Braun began taking steroids has safely passed and the Blew Crew is back to finding creative ways to attract more $8.50 beer swilling onlookers to Miller Park.

A ten dollar voucher isn’t going to cut it, and neither is the 20 year anniversary celebration of Robin Yount’s retirement. What’s next, a Derek Turnblow and Eric Gagne bobble head day?

Not much left to holler about Brewer fans, especially for a lousy ten bucks. The only real topic to make some noise about is the direction this organization is heading in…again.

And For What

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