Hot! I Can See Clearly Now

Johhny Nash Hit the Billboard Top 100 in 1972

Written by Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble, and sung by Johnny Nash, (accompanied by Bob Marley’s band), “I Can See Cleary Now” cracked the Billboard Top 100 charts in 1972.

In an ironic twist of And For What, I just had my second cataract surgery two weeks ago, replacing the lens in my left eye. My vision isn’t 20/20 now, but it’s pretty close, and certainly much better than it used to be, and thanks to the albeit expensive miracle of modern medicinal technology, I certainly can see things a lot more clearly now, such as:

I can see – how stupid Ryan Braun really is. With gifted athletic talent, and a possible Hall Of Fame career ahead of him, in, of all places, Milwaukee, he nevertheless ignored all the steroid noise surrounding MLB and rubbed himself right out of the conscience of anyone remotely interested in paying attention to the rest of his career. So what does he do to repair his tarnished image? Run and hide and then issue veiled apologies through the media. Unless he hits 45 home runs and drives in 120 each year for the rest of his contract, he’ll be about as popular as the $10 voucher his owner offered up to his blind faith fans in the month of August as another apology for this pathetic season in Milwaukee.

I can see – The Packers are in deep trouble. When Peyton Manning posts better stats in ONE HALF of preseason football than Aaron Rodgers does in 3 games, your offense is messed up. Until Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson are 100%, the Packers offense will be hard pressed to generate anything more than a 30 yard Mason Crosby field goal. Add to that a suspect offensive line without Brian Bulaga for the entire year, and Eddie Lacy et al will have no where to run…again.

I can see – The Badger football team losing more games this season than anyone in Madison will be comfortable with. I can also see the Wisconsin diehards eager to laud a ton of praise on new head coach Gary Anderson if he does go out and rack up nine or ten wins. At least that way they can then rest assured Bret Bielema’s departure’s was a blessing in disguise, which it is.

I can finally see that John Axford is another million dollar bust in Milwaukee, which apparently Ron Roenicke can’t see, at all. Not that this season is salvageable by any means, but the number of times Axford has ruined possible Brewer victories is absolutely staggering. And the fact that he does so with such inept efforts makes you wonder what he is doing on any major league roster, especially for the money Mark Attansio is paying him to give up three runs on three runs on two home runs, both crushed, like he did last night in Cincinnati.

I could go on and on ad infinitum, but instead I’ll leave this keyboard and wander into the bright blue skies in Madison today, eyes wide open, clearly able to see there’s a ton of sports on the horizon worth keeping one, if not two, good eyes on.

And For What

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