Hot! 2-0-0-1

The outcome from the ASU-Wisky game should be in the books as "undecided"

It’s almost 4 days since the ASU-Wisconsin 32-30 debacle, yet local sports talk stations and water cooler conversations everywhere in Madison continue to buzz about the injustice delivered in the Arizona desert last Saturday night (Sunday morning in the Midwest).

When all the smoke and dust finally settles, the Badgers will still have a loss on their won-loss ledger and the Sun Devils a win. Wisconsin head coach Gary Anderson will have handled everything with class, the ASU coach, not even worthy of naming here, will continue to display just the opposite, his bone headed, braggadocio behavior. The officials will remain mute, the PAC 12 brass will offer up pathetic excuses, and Barry Alvarez will still be steaming. Joel Stave will be instructed to practice the exact same maneuver in preparation for the next time such a moment presents itself, and heaven willing, perhaps the officiating crew for that game will have it’s collective head screwed on straight.

It is a big deal, however, because if the Badgers finish 12-1, or 11-2, it’s a really big deal. Likewise for ASU going 12-0, or 11-1, or 10-2 for that matter, because when the bowl games come courting, the difference in the dollars involved for the schools participating in the Dandelion Bowl versus the Rose Bowl will really make people turn back to September 14 and look at the tape in disbelief.

But at this point in time it is simply best to move on. For Wisconsin
that means trying to cover a 24 point spread at home against Purdue in their Big Ten opener, for ASU it means a true judgment day against the likes of Stanford this Saturday.

One would figure the Badgers will run the Boilers into submission, or will the nightmare in Tempe still be stuck in their heads? And every Badger fan in the world worth their weight in Bucky Red would love to see Stanford take the Sun Devils to the woodshed, wouldn’t they?

It’s too bad an undecided outcome such as the one dealt out by the incompetent officiating crew last weekend just counts for what it really is: not a win, not a loss, not a tie, an “undecided”.

Wisconsin would be 2-0-0-1, ASU 1-0-0-1. At least for now, that’s a lot better than what has been decided.

And For What

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