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Labor Day 2013

It’s Labor Day, 2013, a national holiday, which means I’m at the cubicle of death at the local office, “and for what”, as they say. After a round of laundry this morning, this “day off” has given me a short time to reflect on the current state of sports in the land of cheese and beer, so here are the reflections from the laundry basket:

1) The mockery of the Screwers 2013 baseball season has at least yielded some hope for the distant future, if nothing else at all. The play of Scooter Gennett, Kris Davis, Logan Schaefer and Chris Gindl, all Nashville call ups, has been the lone bright spot in what has been, or could be, the worst season in franchise history. Add to those efforts the All-Star year of Jean Segura, and who knows, the Blew-Ha’s just might get back to .500 five years from now. And by the way, you might as well award the team “MV”P to Jonathan LuCroy, the catcher/first baseman that continues to hit with consistency and lead the team in RBI. Too bad he can’t throw anyone out at second base.

2) After witnessing the football scrimmage known as Wisky versus U Mass at Camp Randall Saturday, it’s painfully obvious we won’t get a clue on what this team is really like until they head out to Arizona State in two weeks. Another yawner lies ahead against the likes of Tennessee Tech this Saturday, a cerified ho-hummer that is sure to find back-ups Bart Houston and Kurt Phillips sharing most of the reps at QB. No, a shutout is a shutout, but until you play someone other than The Little Sisters Of The Poor, you have nothing to hang your new helmets on. One thing we did learn? The new concession vendor, signed by none other than Barry Alvarez, created more headaches for the University than anyone anticipated. So much for making the “stadium experience” more enticing for the Badger faithful, it looks as though they may have lost a few thousand season ticket holders as a result of this bone headed, cost-cutting move. “Hey get your RC Cola here!” Probably not.

3) The Green Bay Packers, otherwise known in these here parts as the Ashwaubenon Eleven, posted a grand total of 37 points in four exhibition games, are the proud owners of an injured list of players a mile long, and are stuck with BJ Coleman as your backup to Aaron Rodgers. Add to that a place kicking circus and the ridiculous courtship with 53 year old Vince Young and you have one of the strangest preseasons in recent memory. When the big story is 30 year old Johnny Jolly, fresh out of the slammer, making the roster, “Because everybody likes him”, your soon to be “nasty” team doesn’t appear to be too intimidating. Oh yeah, and they play the Niners on the road this Sunday. As my favorite dealers of blackjack death always say in Vegas, “Good luck with that Ace”.

Now back to the regularly scheduled laundry.

And For What

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