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Where Will Badger football fans be basking in the sun on January 1st?

There may be only 22 days left until Christmas, but there’s also only 29 days left until the Mother of all college football bowl days, January 1, 2014.  With Auburn’s latest last second miracle against Alabama registering 7.5 on the BCS Richter Scale, who will play who on New Year’s Day is as hot a topic as it’s ever been.

Water coolers everywhere are overflowing right now due to the discussions lingering there on just who should play in the so-called national championship game.  We’ll all have to wait at least one more week , however, as the money making conference championship games must be played out before any fan can faithfully log onto Travelocity for a package to a major bowl destination.

Here in Wisconsin, fans were literally in a fog all day today, and will be until the outcome of the Michigan State-Ohio State game this Saturday night in Indianapolis. For the first time since its inception two years ago, Badger fans will watch the contest at home rather than travel to Indiana to witness Bucky in the Big Ten Championship game.

Due to a mystifying performance last weekend against Penn State, Gary Anderson’s BCS hopefuls must now face the fact they are 21st in most people’s eyes, and as a result will have to wait for their fate in either the Outback Bowl in Tampa or the Capital One Bowl in Orlando on January 1st. Although conveniently situated close to the southern home of Mickey Mouse, most Wisconsinites regard the Capital One Bowl as anything remotely resembling that comparison. Frankly, any trip to a warmer climate can be considered a moral victory this time of year for those of us still inexplicably residing in this climate.

However, after having dreamed of an Orange Bowl earlier in the Thanksgiving week, all hopes were dashed as quickly as Joel Stave could overthrow Jared Abrederris on Saturday at Camp Randall. Before a Senior Day sendoff,the “pound-the-football-until-your-opponents-drop” offensive formula for success was abandoned against the Nittany Lions, and Dave Aranda’s previously stifling defense couldn’t get it’s player personnel math right for most of the game and were ultimately torn apart by a true freshman quarterback wearing a white, perfectly clean helmet all day.

So now the 9-3 Badgers (or 9-2-1 to over-served patrons here) await their New Year’s Day opponent. Most bowl prediction machines are spitting out likely candidates such as Missouri, South Carolina, Texas A & M, and yes, Auburn.

Far be it from the Wurst Brewer Fan In The World to make any bold predictions here, but what I will say is the that the Missouri matchup is the most intriguing, and perhaps, best chance Wisky has to end it’s streak of post season bowl losses. After three consecutive embarrassing defeats at the hands of TCU, Oregon and Stanford in the Rose Bowl, all games in which the Badgers had a legitimate shot at winning, perhaps the palm trees in Florida will present a better backdrop for a win than the ones in Southern California. When Badger football fans stare in the bowl picture and see Missouri, they see a very similar team to the one that makes Madison its home.

One thing is certain, the man at the helm now will put his players in a better position to walk away with a victory than the previous regime. No offense Barry Alvarez, but having Gary Anderson on the sidelines this year instead of our exalted athletic director filling in for the departed Bret Bielema, is definitely a step in the right direction. It is in fact, if I must say, a very capital idea indeed.

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