Handing Out The Pachucki’s

It's time to award those who have put in the effort

Odds, Ends, and Basketball!

It’s early, and the markets for MVP and Coach of the Year could change dramatically over the next several weeks, depending on last-minute playoff runs or individual performances. Again, these selections are for bar banter and ridicule only…your opinion may differ greatly. Good luck to you, your team, and your ultimate selections for the NFL’s best…

Offensive MVP:
1. Peyton Manning. The team is garbage without him…kind of like the Packers, but a lot better, and in the toughest division in football in 2013. Unless the Broncos fall out of contention, his name is already engraved on the trophy.
2. Philip Rivers. This is his 15 minutes…the most intellectually challenged player in professional sports.
3. Josh Gordon. I said before the season started that he’s every bit as talented as Dez Bryant or Calvin Johnson. And he’s got a third-string nobody throwing passes to him.

Defensive MVP:
1. Vontaze Burfict. He’s one of the reasons Cincinnati is as good as it is this year. Being one of the league’s leading tacklers on a team with a prolific offense speaks well, too. Burfict doesn’t get as much time on defense as say…Clay Matthews?
2. DeAndre Levy. I vote for him because he’s a former Badger. Leading the league in interceptions doesn’t hurt, either.
3. Mario Williams. Crap team. Crap defense. Yet, this is a man among boys who continues to make plays.

Coach of the Year:
1. John Fox. Another guy already etched in on the name plate, coming back from heart surgery and engineering a Superbowl team will get him his hardware. However, having Elway in the front office and Manning on the field is what got him to where he’s at. He was a loser in Carolina.
2. Pete Carroll. This might hinge on a Superbowl win. He’s every bit as deserving as Fox, having an NFL renaissance with the Seahawks. Remember, this guy was a loser in New England a few years back and jumped ship at USC before the NCAA sanctions came down.
3. Chip Kelly. One hates to write it…another hates to read it. Any coach who catapults Nick Foles to stardom deserves his footprints on the walk of fame in Hollywood. (Side note: wait until Foles gets his free agent deal and fades into oblivion. You read it here first.)

One more prediction, though not as bold:
Barring injury or ineligibility, the Wisconsin Badger basketball team will go 17-0 and might even climb as high as #2, before losing a game in Bloomington on January 14, 2014. Does that mean you need to pencil them in on your Final Four bracket? Don’t even think it…

Saints -5
Jaguars +2
Patriots -2.5
Jets +11
Eagles -4.5

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