Hot! The 12 Months Of Injury

This blog is not about 5 Golden Rings

This is the 1909 arrangement based on the traditional folk melody by English composer Frederic Austin. I’ve taken liberty with the lyrics to reflect what has been a seemingly endless litany of injuries this past season for the Green Bay Packers. Merry Christmas everybody!

In the 12th Month of Injury my Packers gave to me:

12 Hamstrings Pulling
11 Ankles Spraining
10 Toes A Turfing
9 Calves A Tearing
8 Obliques Straining
7 ACL’s Aching
6 MCL’s Twisting
5 Knees Blown Out
4 Torn Abs
3 Concussions
2 Broken Wrsits

And a Broken Collarbone with an Organizational Decision Not to Play!

Happy Holidays!

And For What

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