The Great Pretenders

It appears the Brewers have fallen and won't get up for the playoffs

“I’m going to be a happy idiot
And struggle for the legal tender
Where the ads take aim and lay their claim
To the heart and soul of the splender
And believe in whatever may lie
In those things that money can buy
Thought true love could have been a contender?
Are you there?
Say a prayer for the Pretender
Who started out so young and strong
Only to surrender”
-Jackson Browne, “The Pretender”

The Milwaukee Brewers pretended to be National League Central pennant contenders for 150 straight days,  that being the length of time they held the lofty position of 1st place in the standings otherwise known here as the National League Comedy Central.  All the hopes and dreams of possibly a second trip to the World Series in the 44 year existence of the franchise went up in smoke when the Brew-Ha’s promptly lost 13 of 14 during the inopportune time frame of late August and early September.   The slide included an embarrassing three game sweep at the hands of the Mighty Chicago Cubs, who, after disposing of Milwaukee, continued on in their quest to lose 95 games in earnest.

This hack witnessed first hand the deception the Brewers can dazzle their fans with Saturday night at $8 Miller Park, during the sold out celebration of none other than Hank The Dog bobble head night.  Riding a let’s save-the season 3 game winning streak, the Blewers didn’t give the sold out Stadium crowd  much to cheer about,  however, as another unknown pitcher, this time on the payroll of the Cincinnati Reds, tossed a two-hitter at the Blewski’s in a laughable 5-1 Reds win.  Aside form a solo home run by Aramis Ramirez. the inconsistent Brewer offense again took the night off, a bad idea when your alleged Ace, Yovani Gallardo, is on the mound. Adding insult to injury for the 45,000 plus in attendance, was the infamous sixth inning Klement’s Sausage Race, whereby Hank The Dog refused to run under the spotlight and had to be mercifully carried a distant last across the finish line by none other than the Polish sausage himself.

All the Wild Card hopeful faithful were smiling again today, though, because the Brewers posted a 9-1 win over the Joey Votto-less Reds on Sunday to take the series and remain a game and half back of the surging Pirates in the hair-raising battle for the second Bud Selig Wild Card spot.  Scrap heap call up first Baseman Matt Clark hit his third home run in as many games, and newly acquired 300 pound  behemoth Jonathan Broxton continues to do his job out of the bull pen, but other than that the Brewers consistently remain inconsistent.  Add to the horrendous nine game losing streak the unfortunate fastball to the face of NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton by Mike Fiers, and one has to wonder what the only decent pitcher the Brewers have had lately will do in his next outing in St. Louis.

That’s right, beginning tomorrow, it’s down to a nine game road trip against the Cardinals, Pirates and Reds, with a three game home stand against the Cubs to close things out for the 2014 season in Milwaukee. What started out as such a surprising and promising year has quickly melted into another fine mess for the Blewski faithful.  This should come as absolutely no surprise to those fans, like myself, who have suffered through most of the 44 years following this franchise.

It is also a grim reminder that our beloved Brewers seem forever destined to be labeled as Pretenders, and not Contenders.  This years version of Pretenders has 12 games left to prove themselves worthy of the latter title.

And For What

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