Remember When?

Maybe these will be the next giveaway at $9 Miller Park?

Remember when the Brewers had Corey Hart, Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun, and J.J. Hardy? There was a photo of them altogether, “The future is bright for Milwaukee”, the caption read, something like that. All I recall was a post on line that said, “Your 2015 New York Yankees”. Close call.

Remember Nelson Cruz, Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Nori Aoki,heaven forbid, Ned Yost? “Yost is Toast”, we proclaimed, when, in a fit of desperation, the Brewers jettisoned the aforementioned manager in favor of Dale Sveum. When the Brewers collapsed we all Blveumed Sveum, it was so easy to do.

Ah, the good old days, the days of Ryan Braun and syringes, C.C. Sabathia throwing should-have-been no hitters, Nyger Morgan making an idiot out of himself, Prince Fielder pretending to be a vegetarian, Zack Greinke never losing at home, Carlos Gomez separating his shoulder every other week, Jeff Suppan throwing 95 pitches in the first two innings, Ron Roenicke looking disinterested, and Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin counting the dollars flowing in through the turn styles at Miller Park as the Blewer Faithful poured into the ball park to the tune of 3 million lemmings a year.

The lemmings are still flowing in, led by Front Row Amy, the only legitimate reason, I imagine, most guys are still watching the home games on FSN Wisconsin. Despite beer prices that continue to soar at the domed mausoleum, the fans continue to lap them up, probably figuring that at $9 a pop, the brew is a steal compared to $14 for a Bloody Mary. And hey, there’s always a bobble head of Bud Selig to pack the house, especially when your home field record is 8-20, you’ve lost seven straight games, and your starting pitcher is a Double A call up on this very Sunday. Add to that the worst start in franchise history (16-34), and you find your favorite team farther behind in its division (17 games) than it’s actual number of victories.

When there is absolutely no hope on the field, this is the product called Major League Baseball being served in Milwaukee these days. It’s a simple formula to follow for any franchise looking to go south: Sit on your hands in the off season and pray that everyone that was part of the worst collapse in the history of major league baseball last year in September will turn things around in 2015. When you go 5-17 in April to start, it must be the manager. So fire the manger after the club finally wins a series, on the road, in Chicago, and insert a former player and native Milwaukee product that has never managed one professional game in his life.

Look the other way when someone asks about your new hitting coach, Darnell Coles, who has instructed this group to a league worst .227 team average. Feel free to ignore any questions about your pitching coach, Rick Kranitz, who’s best advice is, apparently, to all those involved, throw the ball directly over the middle of the plate so opposing hitter hitters and their teams can average 5 runs a game.

If all else fails, you can count on fielding errors, lack of clutch hitting, and of course, injuries to assure everyone that a “remodel” might indeed, be in the works. Take your pick, LuCroy, Segura, Gomez, Davis, Peralta, Ramirez, Braun, yes, these Brewers are indeed an unfortunate bunch when it comes to staying healthy, but when no one can replace the fallen, you have serious issues beyond just the product at the major league level.

So while owner Mark Attansio and General Manger Doug Melvin choose to remain mute on the subject, all we are left to do as fans is wonder, when will they ever win a game again? A better question might be, how in the heck did this team win 16 games already?

Remember when?

And For What

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