Hot! Aw Shucks (Intercepted)

Number 4 is allegedly retired, once and for all.

The Brent Favre retirement tour officially came and went this past weekend in Wisconsin. Once and for all, it appears, at least allegedly, the King of Interceptions has officially retired. Some 67,000 displaced Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean fans returned to Lambeau Field Saturday to sit in wonderment as the Legend of Kiln arrived for his induction into the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame, and complete absolution of all his Packer sins. There, on the hallowed field that was once home to Jerry Tagge and Don “The Magic Man” Majkowski, old Number 4 waxed nostalgic for fifty minutes after his mandatory nine minute standing ovation. This is what I am told anyway, and or what I gathered after perusing the day old papers on Sunday.

Apparently all is forgotten when it comes to the Cheesehead’s beloved Brett who, apparently, has completely forgotten the existence of one Ted Thompson. Despite listing every ball boy, valet and assistant trainer in his trip down the green and gold memory lane, the ‘ol gunslinger never once mentioned GM Ted Thompson, the inspiration responsible for the 16 year Packer icon to don a purple and gold jersey, waltz into Lambeau, and shred the Packer defense in 2009 as of member of the rival Minnesota Vikings. Aaron Rodgers, meanwhile, took notes.

Mr. Favre took the Packers to 2 Super Bowls, winning one and losing another as a 13 1/2 point favorite against John Elway and the Denver Broncos. He is the only 3-time consecutive NFL MVP, and the only quarterback in NFL history (so far) to amass over 70,00 yards (71,838), 10,000 attempts and 6,000 completions. He threw 508 touchdowns, and most notably, chucked 336 career interceptions, mainly while employed in Green Bay. His hair-raising throws, good or bad, left a lasting impression on the legions of Cheesehead faithful. They were all there in force last Saturday night, waving “All Is Forgiven” signs and burning their “We’ll Miss You Brent” T-shirts. Time heals all wounds, maybe.

On Sunday Favre ventured south into Madison, home of the Badgers, not for a visit to a local church, but for an additional autograph session for those unable to procure a $379 signature or photo when he was in Green Bay. Later that day, Number 4 assembled a list of also-rans dubbed “NFL Legends” for, of all things, a charity flag football game. All of an announced crowd of 20,000+, paying a minimum of $34 a ticket, plopped down in Camp Randall (capacity 80,000) to get one last glimpse at good ‘ol Lorenzo. He did them justice, throwing at least one pick, and leading his team to a come-from-behind “victory” against the likes of Donovan McNabb (who he couldn’t beat when it counted in the 4th and 26th 2003 playoff game), Tori Holt, and Kenny Mayne. At least the football fans in Madison, it seems, have some sense left.

After the local news channels had mercifully unloaded all there was left to unload from the weekend’s montage of Favredom, it’s believed the man with the Southern Charm was headed back to Mississippi to hop on his lawn tractor and waste away the hours until he’ll resurface once again for more accolades on Thanksgiving night, November 26th, 2015, when the Packers host their arch rival, the Chicago Bears. On Turkey night, appropriately,the Gunslinger’s number will be retired and unveiled on the inside ring of Lambeau Field. 4 will reside for all eternity next to the likes of Bart Starr, Reggie White, Ray Nitschke, Don Hutson and Tony Canadeo.

Once again the vintage highlights and the feel good vibes will pour forth from NBC and whoever is covering the event, and one more time we’ll all be reminded of what an “Aw Shucks” guy Brent really is. For fans like me, it’ll be another grim reminder of what could have been, especially from 1998-2009, when all Number 4 accomplished was a pile of stats, a few division titles, and way too many interceptions in the playoffs to remember.

NFL Hall of Famer – first ballot – that’s on the way in February 2016. Absolutely. That’s a no brainer too. But, unlike many of his throws at crunch time and in the playoffs for the majority of his career, that nomination won’t be intercepted.

Aw shucks Brett, (intercepted) you should, and could have been so much better.

And For What

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