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Reflections on the year to date...

Reflections on the year to date…

Summer is on the horizon, officially the date is June 21st, but already the lawn mowing season is well underway and temperatures have scraped the mid-80’s in south central Wisconsin. The year of 2016 is off to an inglorious start, with the global landscape littered with the deaths of memorable entertainers, musicians, athletes, and I’m sure, your child’s favorite pet turtle. Lemmy, Haggard, Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, and most recently, Muhammad Ali, to name just a few, have checked into a better space. For those of us playing the back nine of life, this should come as no surprise, for it’s beginning to become brutally evident that as Baby Boomers we have already lasted longer than some of these people that have passed.

On the flip side, for the Millennials and the “Digital Natives”, those of the human race that are just sauntering onto the 2nd or 3rd tee of life, the deaths of these icons means little or nothing. They have grown up in the mostly, if not totally, digital age. Their recollections of these figures is explained to them by their parents or grand parents, through iPod downloads or vintage You Tube videos.

As a Boomer, however, know you are edging closer to the golden (or bronze) years when the Alleve and arthritis commercials resonate with you, when suddenly hip replacement surgery doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, and the railings you installed for your crippled father-in-law years ago at your home are now coming in handy. Yes indeed, as time marches on in our day and age change is commonplace, and those that can adapt along with it not only survive, but thrive.

Thus it is once again an anomaly that our beloved Milwaukee Brewers continue, after some 45 years plus, to remain, for the most part, unchanged. The current collection of cast offs and Rule 15 players assembled by 31 year old wunderkind GM David Stearns has surprised in 2016 so far with a 27-31 record, once again chasing the ultimate quest to play .500 baseball, or be “competitive”. Their marketing department continues to spin the turnstiles, mostly due in part to the absolute genius of the person who decided to place a retractable roof on the soon to be 18 year old Miller Park.

Gone are the halcyon days of freezing your butt off not only in the parking lot and inside the stadium, praying that the rain, snow or sleet would subside long enough for the Brew Crew to get blown out by their American League rival, the White Sox or Twins. No, now the .500 Faithful can rest assured the tailgating will be followed by a baseball game, played by at least one team that has an idea of how to play the sport, while they happily shell out $9 for a beer brewed right across the street.

They’ll sit back while their C-notes dwindle at the expense of the concessions, as Wily Peralta takes the mound, praying that the likes of General Soreness, Ryan Braun, and the Jonathan’s – ┬áthe Bearded one, LuCroy, and everybody’s number one out maker at 3rd base, Villar, will be counted on to rescue him offensively one more time.

Truly, none of it really matters to the .500 Faithful, they’re flaccidly happy just soaking it all in, content with the moral victories and happy to make a profit selling their seats to greedy Cubs fans when they make the pilgrimage to Wrigley Field North.

Yes indeed, as the old adage goes, “The More Things Change, The more They Stay The Same.” Unless, of course, you’re the Milwaukee Brewers, forever pursuing the Quest for .500 baseball, forever unchanged. ┬áMay I suggest a change, please?

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