Hot! Let Real Football Begin – in September


After waiting for what seemed like a lifetime to witness the annual Hall Of Fame game, thus officially signaling the onset of another NFL season, the football gods pulled the field right out from under our cleats in Canton last Sunday night. As Mike Florio alluded to in his syndicated radio show, now the Shield has to come up with the legalese to handle another situation like that should it arise again, where the field in question has apparently melted before our very eyes.

All that incompetence aside, the professional pre-season began in earnest last night, and continues tonight where local favorites the Green Bay Slackers entertain RG3 and the Mighty Cleveland Browns.  Nonetheless, that sparkling match up will draw 70,000 plus fans to the mecca known as Lambeau Field, all for another meaningless exhibition where the most entertaining distraction will be to see what NFL issued sideline cap Aaron Rodgers is wearing.

Let’s hope the Slack fares better than their rivals to the south, the Chicago Fail, who stunk up the Soldier Field Joint last night, with a 22-0 embarrassment at the hands of the defending Super Bowl Champions, led by, believe it or not, new QB Mark Sanchez. If one exhibition game is any indicator of what lies ahead, which it is isn’t, the Bares are in for another sack-riddled regular season.

All this drivel aside, the point here is the No Fun League needs to trim back the exhibition season to a pair of games, at best, and let those contests be scheduled sometime late in August, or even spill into the first week of September. They can still hold the other 2 (or 3 games), just call them what they really are, scrimmages. Reduce the admission prices, and do what you want with the rest. Go ahead, continue to charge $10 for a beer, the lemmings will pay it, you know they will. In theory, a shortened pre-season may cut back the needless injuries (see Jordy nelson 2015), creates an air of credibility, and let’s the hard core fans and their regular season drool accumulate at a slightly slower pace.

If Mr. Goodell and company continue to look the other way, however, and play HOF games in 3rd party arenas,where the necessary scrutiny for regular season game field conditions apparently goes unheeded, then you will continue to encounter fiascoes like the one delivered in rare fashion Sunday night.  You will continue to waste Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in August watching the likes of athletes who will never again set foot in a professional football league, unless, well, maybe, it’s the CFL or Arena league.

Football fans will make the necessary adjustments, they’ll resort to watching baseball, the Olympics, AXS TV, The Whores of Orange County, fishing shows or Barret Jackson auctions.  Everybody will be alright. Just do it, and do it sooner than later. Enough is enough, for chrissake, how many more omens and Hands Of Fate signs do you need?  Start the new scheduling plan in 2017.

And For What.