Hot! Fishing For Answers

The first (and hopefully annual) fishing trip to Lake Of The Woods has come and gone, and after 42 hours of relentless casting into one stunning shoreline after another, I’m still fishing for answers. My fishing partner, musky guru extraordinaire, one Don Leaser, tired of catching one northern pike after another, keeps playing his cards close to his vest. Thus, I must continue asking one obvious question after another,  and, if you have any answers to these queries, please feel free to chime in.

Was the 10 hour drive north into the land of the Twins and Purple People Eaters really worth it?  Was the 2 hour boat ride in 4 foot swells across Travers Bay to and from Oak Island into the serene shores of Sunset Lodge Resort the extra adventure we really needed?  Was an ice cold bottle of Kokanee lager at the knotty pine bar all that we thought it was cracked up to be, or did it taste better because we had just filed another eight hour day chasing the elusive muskellunge?

Does 65,000 feet of shoreline and 14,552 islands (who counted those anyway?) really mean you are in one of the greatest freshwater lakes in the world?  Did they really film the Hamms beer commercials here, and if so, is that why we even dare to drink that beer?  After you accidentally hook your fishing guide (Chuck Leach, pictured), is it really fair for him, with a barb still stuck in the back of his right bicep, to land a 42″ musky as the sun sets on our last stop of the day?  Are Canadian fishing water better than Minnesota waters? Maybe  because you can’t consume alcohol on one and you can on the other?

Do we really need television and radio, or any media for that matter, when you can sit outside at night for 6 consecutive nights, staring at the Big Dipper, and all you can hear are the waves calmly slapping the shore?  Is a all-exclusive meal plan really necessary(In our case, yes,, because Chef Rich was amazing), when you can catch your shore lunch every day and limit out on walleye and football sized perch? Is it really a problem getting lost in your Lund fishing boat rental when all you see is one great fishing spot after another?  Is it really true that muskies don’t bite until afternoon up there? (Yes, well, maybe) Can it possibly be true that just a few hundreds yards around the point from where you are staying are 16″-20″ small mouth bass just waiting for your bait? And after every third cast a 24-30″ northern is jumping in your boat?

And of course, on a sports related note, did the Brewers really lose 15-2 to the Nationals, and in the process, give up back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs while we were out chucking one Oktoberfest Cowgirl after another? And is it really true the Brew Crew still stands only one game out of first place in the NL Comedy Central on August 4th?  And do the Packers really start pre-season in 6 days and the Badger football team plays its season opener in 28 days?  And are the Badgers really playing on a Friday night against Utah State?

Inquiring minds need to know, and alas, I’m still fishing for answers. One thing is for certain, however, for a great fishing destination, visit Sunset Lodge resort on Oak Island,Minnesota.  For a great fishing guide, ask for Chuck Leach.  You won’t be disappointed in either, that’s for sure.

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