Hot! 2012 Green and Gold NFL Predictions


By Kevin Pachucki

Okay…the following prediction isn’t that hard to make, simply because there’s really only a one in thirty-two chance of a particular NFL team winning the Superbowl.  And, betting the field is just a statistical advantage.  But, as much as I bleed green and gold, the Packers will not win the Superbowl this year.  As a matter of fact, I would be surprised if the team even gets there in the 2012-2013 season.  Heresy?

The positives are easy to point out: Aaron Rodgers is in the peak of his career, and he’s nothing short of spectacular.  He IS the man, and the guy that every franchise seeks for building a franchise.  Fortunately for Green Bay, he’s in Titletown, and will hopefully stay here.

In addition to Rodgers next year, Greg Jennings, T.J. Lang, and half the linebacking corps are all in contract years this year.  That’s certain motivation for any player to execute at a level in which they might or might not usually perform.

Bringing in Anthony Hargrove, despite a shortened season because of the New Orleans bounty scandal, will shore up a truly sorry defense from last year.  Nick Perry appears to have a decent motor and solid strength…being a first-round draft pick can set the bar pretty high, though, so we will wait and see if he pans out.

I think the negatives for this team won’t surprise anyone, because they haven’t changed much from last year.  Now that Charles Woodson is moving from corner to safety, it appears that Jarrett Bush might be the man to work opposite Tramon Williams.  Williams is serviceable, despite regressing last year, but Bush can’t cover Tupperware.  Any motion before the snap or pick play is going to expose Bush, and that’ll make even Tavaris Jackson get excited.

On the same side of the ball, the pass rush needs to improve.  Your Rookie-of-the-Year runner-up slid from 13.5 sacks in 2010 to just six in 2011.  Perhaps Dom Capers vaunted 3-4 defense might not be the church that gets us to salvation…or offensive coordinators around the league have now perfected how to coach against it.  Capers is no Dick LeBeau…at least not yet.

Offensively, the Packers need a running back that can hold the ball and gain yards, receivers who can consistently catch the ball, and linemen who can gel and provide better protection for their fearless leader.

In order to get there, draft choices need to step up, SOMEone is going to have to prove he can play corner, whether it’s Bush, Sam Shields, or even Devon House.  The pass rush is going to have to resume its 2010 ways, and the steam engine that is the Packers offense needs to resume it’s late 2009 momentum.

With all this in mind, here is your Superbowl prediction for 2013: barring injury, the Saints dump the Steelers, 30-10.  Teams that could surprise include the Falcons, Lions, Broncos, Redskins, Texans, Titans, and Seahawks.  Sorry New York, despite Tebow, your head coach is still Rex Ryan.

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  1. Not heresy, but maybe a little gloomy and doomy?

    I give them a better shot at making the “big bowl”. However, my season prediction is 10-6 or 11-5 as they struggle early and gain the all important “mo” heading into the playoffs. I don’t think McCarthy is comfortable as the lead dog. We play much better with something to prove, so watch out if we don’t win the division which will be tightly contested.

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